Frequently Asked Questions

The Sanford Health app simplifies health data organization. The app offers free solutions and My Sanford Chart.

My Sanford Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

Registering: how?

Request access for yourself to register for My Sanford Chart. Follow the instructions on the online form to register. Techsupportmych[email protected] or 1-866-808-5274 can assist you register.

My username or activation code?

Activation codes are not logins. This code is used just once to validate your identity when signing in for the first time. Activation codes expire 30 days after usage. First-time activation code logins need you to create a username and password.

Can’t view my test results?

Click View hospital results to see your hospital test results. The supplier may manually send the result. My Sanford Chart lets you send messages.

Why is scheduling difficult?

Sanford Chart may not schedule complicated dates. Call your clinic to make appointments for several caregivers or patients (e.g., two or more children).

My account requires what?

Internet-connected devices can access My Sanford Chart. You need a modern browser like Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome or the newest MyChart app from Google Play or the App Store.

Is my username my activation code?

No account or password is needed for activation. Only this code will validate your identification the first time. 30-day activation codes expire.